My name is Lindiwe Masunungure. My husband and I have been in Nampula, Mozambique for 8 years working at Rapale International School. Every place has its challenges, but we’ve been able to see God’s faithfulness to us and our families in being here.

I have seen in my own life how God works things out over time and I do feel that this is embodied a lot in the life of RIS; where we live out a faith journey and so impart to children that God is at work in both triumphs and trials, and we can trust in His handiwork to bring things out for His good.

In this experience, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with amazing staff at Rapale International School. However, even more fulfilling are the interactions with so many different children from different backgrounds, and being able to impact their lives (sometimes without realizing it). It is a privilege, honour and also great weight to be working with them in a very intentional effort to give them relevant education and provide good foundations for a life lived in Christ. Being part of a school where the focus isn’t only on academic achievement but producing learners who have good character and can contribute positively and transformationally where ever they go is something I don’t take for granted.


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